Twitter Opens Analytics Tools to All Users

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If you're curious how many people read your Twitter posts, what type of people follow you, and what they're interested in, all of that information is now at your fingertips. This week Twitter opened its analytics tools to all of its users for free, and there's plenty of data to sift through.

Twitter opens its analytics tools to all users

Along with seeing how many people read your tweets, you can get an idea of how well you engage your followers and see what they're most interested in. You can also get a breakdown of where your followers live and see who else they tend to follow.

Checking my analytics, I found that when I tweet more often I have a higher engagement rate with my followers, which isn't a surprise at all. I also found that my followers are very interested in technology-related news, tend to also follow other names in the tech community, and that while more than half my followers live in the Unites States, I have a substantial following in the UK, too.

Twitter also shows my followers are very interested in Apple's rumored iWatch, and they also like when I talk about fitness-related tech.

You can check out your own stats at Twitter's analytics site, and unlike other companies that make you pay to detailed information like this, Twitter is offering it for free.

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Seeing so much information about your Twitter followers is great, but it does open the possibility that people will try to craft all their tweets just to push up numbers instead of going for friendly engagement. Please don't be that guy.

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