Twitter Searches May be Coming to Apple's Spotlight

Spotlight searches could be able to sift through Twitter soon, according to company CEO Dick Costolo. He told investors talks are underway with Apple to bring the feature to searches on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Twitter may be coming to Spotlight search resultsTwitter may be coming to Spotlight search results

Spotlight is a system-level search feature that looks through files, email, contacts, and other content on your OS X and iOS devices. While most of the search results are based on your own content, Spotlight also offers search results from Web-bases sources such as Wikipedia and Bing.

Mr. Costolo made the announcement during his company's quarterly earnings report on Tuesday. That event went poorly for the social networking company because someone accidentally released its quarterly results early. The numbers were disappointing and quickly led to a sharp drop in Twitter's share value.

Twitter's stock dropped 25 percent at one point, but has been regaining some value. Currently it's trading at US$40.80, down 1.47 (3.48%).

Mr. Costolo didn't say how far the talks with Apple have progresses, so there isn't any word yet on how long before we start seeing tweets show up in our Spotlight search results.

[Thanks to PC World for the heads up]