Twitter Cries Mea Culpa, Removes QuickBar from iPhone App

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Twitter cried mea culpa Thursday when it comes to what the company called the QuickBar in its iPhone and iPad app, and what critics called DickBar. In a blog post, the company talked all about how great the QuickBar is and then said it was removing the feature in an update that is now available on the App Store.

“The QuickBar was originally conceived to help users discover what’s happening in the broader world beyond people they already follow,” the company wrote. “The bar was also seen as a potential means of in-app notifications for new @mentions, DMs, and other important activity.”

The QuickBar was quickly and seemingly universally panned by users, with the euphemistic nickname mentioned above appearing in the Twitterverse almost immediately. For its part, the company didn’t actually call the feature a failure, but said, “After testing a feature and evaluating its merits, if we learn it doesn’t improve the user experience or serve our mission, we’ll remove that feature.”

The patch notes for the update (version 3.3.3) are more succinct, saying simply:

  • Removes Quick Bar
  • Bug fixes

Twitter for iPhone and iPad is a hybrid app, and it’s free. The update is available now on the App Store.

QuickBar Screen

Hare today, goon tomorrow



My question is what did it do? It’s not clear what its purpose was and the announcement above is just marketing speak.

Lee Dronick

My question is what did it do? It?s not clear what its purpose was and the announcement above is just marketing speak.

From what I gather it served up ads.

See this story at TechCrunch


I think this was one of the best explanations of the problems with the “Dickbar” is at

Here’s a quote:

It?s a news ticker limited to one-word items, lacking any context, broadcasting mostly topics that I don?t understand, recognize, or care about. It?s nonsensical. At worst, it can offend. At best, it will confuse.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Queue up the “Who moved my DickBar?” articles in the coming week…

This is why Twitter will not get away with “being like Apple”. At least Apple thinks it knows what is best. Twitter lacks that confidence and even knows that it doesn’t. The innovation in Twitter user space will continue to come from third party apps, while Twitter’s core competency will remain behind-the-scenes plumbing. Speaking of which, if any of you still have Macs or Windows PCs, you can check out a free one I just finished—geared toward people who just want to watch the Twitter.

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