Twitter for iPhone, iPad Adds Quick Bar, More

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Twitter released Twitter 3.3 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on Thursday with a new always-on trending topics view, along with a redesigned user interface.

Twitter 3.3’s Quick Bar view pops up at the top of user’s tweet stream to show current trending topics. Swiping across the Quick Bar shows more topics, and scrolling through tweets temporarily hides the bar.

Twitter 3.3. Ugh.Twitter 3.3 changes up its look

The updated app also includes a redesigned tweet entry view with a built-in URL shortener. Users don’t, however, have a choice of URL shortening services. The app now includes auto-complete support for user names and hashtags, location-based trend tracking, a redesigned image uploader, a friend finder feature, and a redesigned direct message view that more closely matches SMS and chat-style streams.

Twitter for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is free and available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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The Quick Bar—Oh the horror of it all! Worst idea ever! If they don’t correct this ASAP I’ll be switching to a different app.


And there’s already a Cydia hack (Chpwn’s Twizzler) to disable the “quick bar”, or as I like to call it, “banner ad”.

Bill Taroli

There are other important losses. No more absolute time display. No twitlonger support. No API key extendability. Basically, it’s dropping more and more features from Tweetie each release. It’s getting very irritating.

That trending pop-up POS has to go. The pop-up autocomplete has been more annoying than helpful. Typing short hashtags results in eating half my screen with a pop-up that tells me I spelled it right and can’t be dismissed without tapping on the selection that I already typed! Argh!!

This release is a dud. I either need to downgrade, go back to Tweetie, or find a different client. Twitter took what I considered to be the best in class client and have completely trashed it. :-(


Absolutely horrible update.

Time to dump this app. What other clients are good?


To Twitter:

Can you make this a preference before we move to another client?

Clock is ticking…


One subtle aspect of the URL shortener is that, if, for example, you take a picture with Twitter for iPhone (T4i), and use twitpic, if you then look at that tweet with T4i, it shows it as a twitpic URL (and loads it fine).

But if you then look at that tweet in any other client, it shows a URL, and if you click on it, instead of just loading the inline picture (like it would do with a twitpic URL), it has to first load it in a browser window.

As for alternatives, if you like lots of features, there’s not much better than Twittelator. The downside to Twittelator is that it’s interface is somewhat odd. You have to tap in certain places to get it to do things, and they’re not always obvious. But once you get used to it, it’s really great (it’s what I use).

TweetDeck has lots of features. My experience with it is that it’s not quite as feature-rich as Twittelator and crashes a bit.

Osfoora has a nice clean interface, and some good features.

Echofon is a bit lighter in features, but a nice interface.


Thanks for the tips on alternate Twitter clients. Seems like a market opportunity for someone. Time for a sale on the app store!


Update: since writing this, I decided that Osfoora deserves a closer look. I’ve switched to it from Twittelator. I think if you’re coming from T4i, Osfoora is probably your closest fit.


Took a look at Osfoora - seems good- thanks for the tip. Time for a $0.99 sale to snag disappointed T4i Twitter users. @Osfoora -  are you listening? wink


Btw- I tried Twittelator a while back. Just too arcane. But Osfoora looks like a suitable alternative to the official Twitter app.

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