Twitter Gets into the Photo Sharing Game

True to the rumors, the microblog service Twitter is moving into the photo sharing service that’s already populated with the likes of yfrog, TwitPic and Instagram. Twitter isn’t, however, starting from scratch but instead is teaming up with Photobucket.

Twitter plans to release updates for its official Mac, iPhone and iPad apps that tightly integrate the new photosharing features.

Twitter: All your pictures are belong to us!Twitter gets its own photosharing

The company is also phasing in new search features through the Twitter Web site that let users find related images and videos. The new search also ranks results based on what Twitter assumes are the most relevant results, and groups tweets with links together.

Twitter’s new photosharing feature will likely raise some eyebrows among similar services that are already on the market. After the company started buying up client apps it told developers to develop tools that enhance Twitter’s features instead of tweet posting and reading apps, and the company could do the same now that it is rolling out its own photosharing service.

The company hasn’t said that whether or not it plans to push other photosharing services off of its platform yet, so for now developers will have to wait and see what Twitter’s next move will be.