Two Bay Area Apple Stores Robbed in Smash & Grab

Two Apple Store retail locations were robbed in the middle of the night over the weekend, with two smashing the windows in the front of the stores and running off with stolen Mac laptops and iPods. The thieves hit the Palo Alto Apple Store 4:11 AM on Sunday morning, and then one hour later the Los Gatos Apple Store was hit by what may have been the same two men.

In both incidents, the San Jose Mercury News reported that police valued the merchandise stolen in the neighborhood os US$10,000. In the Palo Alto robbery, the thieves were in and out of the Apple Stores "in under a minute," with a similar scenario in the Los Gatos robbery.

Police told the newspaper that in both incidents, the suspects were a 6-foot-tall white man weighing about 250 pounds and a black man weighing about 180 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call the Palo Alto anonymous tip line at 650-329-2190.