U.S. & Canadian QuickBooks 2006 for Mac Class Action Settlements in Process

A class-action settlement has been reached between plaintiffs and Intuit over a data-corruption issue with QuickBooks 2006 for Mac. Create-A-Card, Inc. Settlements in both a Canadian class action suit and a U.S. class action suit were announced, and the plaintiffs are now advertising for members of the class to participate in the settlement.

Both settlement classes are being recruited at 2006qbformacsettlement.com.

According to a PDF released by the settlement, "The proposed settlement will resolve claims related to a malfunction in the Software's auto-update mechanism that caused certain users’ data or files to become inaccessible or damaged, corrupted or lost, whether temporarily or permanently."

There was an issue with the auto-update feature in QuickBooks 2006 for Mac, Intuit's business management software for the Mac platform, that caused data loss for some users. That did, of course, initiate class-action lawsuits in both the U.S. and Canada.

You can find more information about both classes at the above Web site.