U.S. Chamber Chastises Apple CEO for "Forfeiting Opportunity" on Climate Change

Thomas J. Donohue
Thomas J. Donohue

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Thomas J. Donohue has written a letter to Steve Jobs chastising Apple's CEO for "forfeiting the opportunity" to work with the organization to approach climate change in a way the Chamber deems prudent. The letter comes on the heels of Apple resigning the Chamber for its environmental policies.

"I am sorry to learn of Apple's resignation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce," Mr. Donohue wrote in a letter obtained by The Mac Observer. "It is unfortunate that your company didn't take the time to understand the Chamber's position on climate and forfeited the opportunity to advance a 21st century approach to climate change."

The ruckus built to a head on the Chamber's opposition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to regulate greenhouse emissions. The Chamber believes that the EPA's approach will cost American jobs, and move greenhouse gas-producing manufacutring overseas to less or unregulated countries.

Apple, one of the most successful companies in the U.S, left the Chamber due to differences on this policy and approach to the subject of climate change.

"Apple is committed to protecting the environment and the communities in which we operate around the world," Catherine Novelli, Apple Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs, said in a letter to the Chamber announcing the company's departure from the organization. "We strongly object to the Chamber's recent comments opposing the EPA's effort to limit greenhouse gasses."

In his public response to Apple, Mr. Donohue wrote, "I would have hoped that Apple would have supported our efforts to improve environmental stewardship and keep Americans at work and our economy competitive."