Unannounced OS X 10.9 Begins Appearing on Internet

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OSX 10.9 has begun appearing on the Interwebs, though it hasn't been announced by Apple. A Czech site first reported that Macs identifying themselves as running OS X 10.9 began appearing on on its servers, and AppleInsider and The Mac Observer found instances on our servers, as well.

OS X 10.9 Lynx?

OS X 10.9 Lynx?

Apple currently has OS X at version 10.8.2 under the marketing name of Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion shipped in July, just four months ago, and the company hasn't yet announced its successor.

Apple has been on annual release cycle for the last two versions, Mountain Lion and Lion, and the company gave no indication of changing this schedule at World Wide Developers Conference 2012. Macs running early versions of the OS therefore isn't all that surprising.

That said, it's always possible that someone out there is simply putting in a fair amount of effort into getting Mac sites giddy at the prospect of OS X 10.9. Spoofing one's identifying data isn't all that hard, and from there its simply an issue of pulling up a few webpages here and there.

In that it's not that big of a deal either way, that seems doubtful. We should also note that OS X 10.9 first started showing up on our servers on October 22nd. AppleInsider saw a few hits the week before, while Letem světem Applem (the Czech site) reported hits starting in September.

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Spin: Any guesses on what OS X 10.9 will be called? Lynx? Bobcat? Manx? White Tiger? Apple could adopt a new naming scheme, of course, and testing under OS X 10.9 doesn't necessarily mean it will ship with that number.

How about OS Mac?



Pole? LOL

Maybe they could call it Cheetah and fix the slowness I’m seeing with Mountain Lion. Sure they used Cheetah before but that was 10.0. Outside of some developers few others used it (I stayed with 9 until 10.2). In fact Cheetah was only around for some six months before going to Puma. They’ve used three variations on Mountain lions, I think Cheetah could be recycled.

Maybe King Cheetah?

Bryan Chaffin

Polecat…that’s funny, geoduck. I can’t believe I haven’t heard it before. smile


I vote (!!!) for Ocelot. Or Margay.


I think they should go with “Liger.” It’s pretty much my favorite. It’s half lion, half tiger, bred for its skills in magic.



Ocelot gets my vote as well. That’ll open up the whole range of mid-sized cats for OS names, such as those you’ve suggested, Bryan. Once those are exhausted, there’s always the 30+ purebred housecat names out there. OX 10 11.0 Abyssinian, anyone??? smile


I hope they use this one to actively go at the MSFT market and not just target the installed base of Mac users.  The time is ripe to take back the computer market.  Build in a windows VM, run the windows stuff and the Mac stuff (just like on a real Mac but not on par with a real Mac) but with PC specs and pricing.  Oh, and really well tied to iOS.


OS X 10.9: Nyan Cat
or maybe even
OS X 10.9: Thundercat (!)

Yeah, that would rock.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Child please. It’s already been announced that it would be called Obama.


Seems likely to me that the 10.x series will continue with cats, with an eventual 11.x changing to a new species. But as I’m still working 10.6.8, I don’t want to think that far ahead about what changes would warrant bumping to 11.x.


Please, just call it Cougar. Cougar at least has the feel of an OS X name. Lynx is just kind of…idk strange sounding.

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