Universal Movies Join iCloud Streaming

Movies from Universal Studios joined the list of titles available for iCloud streaming over the weekend. Universal and Fox have been the two big holdouts, although word surfaced in March that both studios could join the iCloud family soon.

Universal movies now available through iTunes in the CloudUniversal movies (left) now available through iTunes in the Cloud, but not Fox (right)

Universal’s iCloud support came without any fanfare and was noticed by iTunes Store customers only when they realized the warning telling them the studio’s movies wouldn’t be available via iTunes in the Cloud was gone.

Universal and Fox had been missing from the iTunes in the Cloud launch thanks to exclusive licensing agreements with HBO, although the cable network has been working the studios to change those contracts to allow for iTunes streaming support.

Fox Studio’s movies, however, still include the warning saying they aren’t available through iTUnes in the Cloud. There isn’t any word yet on when that might change.

[Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up.]