University of Western Sydney Buys 11,000 iPads

Australia's University of Western Sydney buys into iPads in educationThe University of Western Sydney will be issuing 11,000 iPads to its staff and new students in 2013 as part of a plan to create a more flexible learning environment. The program will tie the iPads into the University's curriculum and give students and instructors new ways to interact with each other, according to The Australian.

"Over the next couple of years UWS will challenge some of the traditional lecture-style presentations by including more of the interactive learning that students value so much," said pro vice-chancellor of education Professor Kerri-Lee Krause. "Mobile technologies will be a key part of this strategy. We want to support our academic staff to make the most of iPads and custom-designed apps in class so that, even in the largest lecture theatre, students have access to just-for-me, just-in-time interactive learning experiences."

Apple has been promoting the iPad as a tool for education, and the University sees the tablet device as an option for improving its services for students and teachers. "Our students tell us they want more flexible ways to learn," Professor Krause said.

The University said the iPads will let students use more online materials in their studies, and will promote interactive and collaborative learning across its six campuses. The new program will help modernize the University's approach to education and interacting with the people that use its services.

Professor Krause added, "With digital technology revolutionising how we connect and interact with the world, university study should be no different."