Unlocked Yellow iPhone 5c Preorders Sell Out

Apple began preorders for the iPhone 5c just after 3AM eastern time Friday morning, and by 11AM it was starting to sell out. The unlocked yellow 16GB model has been the first to go, and if demand stays high, other models will likely follow suit.

Unlocked iPhone 5c sells out in preordersUnlocked iPhone 5c sells out in preorders

The iPhone 5c is Apple's new mid-range price point model. It uses an A6 processor, includes an 8 megapixel camera, and replaces the familiar metal back and sides with a single plastic piece. The back is available in several colors, although as of now yellow is just a little harder to get.

Shoppers that aren't interested in preordering, or like waiting in line on launch day, can pick up an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s in Apple's retail stores next Friday, September 20. Pricing starts at US$99 for the 16GB version on a two-year contract.