US Courts to Samsung: No Really, You Copied the iPhone

Samsung's latest request to have the big loss in its mobile device patent infringement fight with Apple reviewed earned a big nope from the U.S. Court of Appeals. The electronics maker asked for the full twelve judge panel to rehear its case following a three judge panel's ruling that Apple's win stands. Assuming Samsung continues to pursue the case, its next step is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Appeals Court says Samsung really did copy iPhone designAppeals Court says Samsung really did copy iPhone design

Samsung argued that the three judge panel was wrong when they left the original ruling against it in place. The court's response, according to the San Jose Mercury News, was a rejection without comment.

Samsung has been fighting to overturn a 2012 ruling where a Federal jury ruled it violated several iPhone and iPad-related patents with its own smartphone and tablet designs. Apple was awarded US$980 million in damages, and Samsung has been fighting ever since to get that ruling overturned.

The company's latest efforts included an amicus brief from several companies such as Google, Facebook, HP, and Dell who urged the Appeals Court to rule in Samsung's favor over concerns that the current ruling would hamper the development of new technologies. The companies said in their filing,

Should the court uphold Apple's victory and force Samsung to pay damages, it could open up other companies including Google to further patent infringement lawsuits.

In essence, the companies were asking the court to protect them from legal action if they copy protected technologies from competitors.

Samsung lost a second patent infringement case, too, although that ruling includes only $120 million in damages. The company is appealing that ruling as well.

The next move, assuming Samsung continues to pursue the case, is the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Judges decide which cases they will hear, so there isn't any guarantee they'll offer a ruling or that it'll go in Samsung's favor.

Samsung hasn't commented on the latest blow in its patent infringement fight with Apple. It's a safe bet that what they're saying off the record isn't, "Well, that went nicely. Let's go celebrate over lunch."