Use a PDF to See How Big Apple Watches Really Are

Developer Craig Hockenberry, of Iconfactory, has written up his thoughts on his first day with WatchKit, which was released with much fanfare earlier this week. There's a lot of discussion of the programming elements, but I thought one of the more interesting bits was a PDF created by Thibaut Sailly of the actual physical sizes of the watch itself.

Here's a sneak peek:

How Big Is It?

From the Printable PDF of the Apple Watch Dimensions

Just print it out and see what they'll actually look like size-wise. 

Another fun fact is that eight Apple Watch displays will fit into an iPhone 6 display. Not the Plus, just the regular iPhone 6. That really puts into perspective the challenges of making a device like Apple Watch usable.

Learning about how to divide the work between the iPhone app and the Watch was notable. Seeing how easy it is to bump up against a limitation or two like size and capability was also interesting.

I like to know how other people go about getting around hurdles like these, and Craig Hockenberry is good at showing his work. I highly suggest checking out the whole thing, but if you just want to skip straight to how you too can rock a "prototype" Apple Watch, the PDF is there for you too.