An iPhone and Words With Friends Saved a Man’s Life

The quick thinking of a Missouri couple and the help of an iPhone game has saved the life of Australian man. 

As reported by Kansas City’s Ozarks First, Blue Springs, MO resident Beth Legler has been a player of the Scrabble-like game Words With Friends for over two years. It was through the game that Mrs. Legler met Georgie and Simon Fletcher, residents of Australia.

Words With Friends Diagnosis

Three months ago, during a session of the game between Beth Legler and Georgie Fletcher, Mrs. Fletcher mentioned that her husband was feeling ill. As Mrs. Legler’s husband is a doctor, she asked Mrs. Fletcher to describe her husband’s symptoms via the chat feature of the game. Upon reading the symptoms, Mr. Legler insisted that Mr. Fletcher go to a hospital immediately.

It was good advice: Mr. Fletcher was discovered to have near total blockage of an artery near his heart. Doctors claim that had he not been admitted to the hospital and the blockage discovered that day, it is very likely he would have died.

“Had Larry not sent that message I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day,” Mrs. Legler said.

“Had I not had that random opponent all that time ago…” Mrs. Fletcher mused of the situation, “I just think Beth and I were meant to meet on this game.”

In this world of increasing digital communication, it was an iPhone game, and a fortuitous opponent half a world away, that saved a life.