Using Multiple Reply Addresses In Mail

If you have a single email account that has multiple email addresses feeding into it - maybe an aliased email address or email that forwards from other addresses to your primary email account - you can configure Mail so that the one email account you check appears as if it is each of the aliased or forwarded accounts that feed into it.

For example, letis say your email account is [email protected], and [email protected] forwards to that address. Any email sent to [email protected] appears in your [email protected] mailbox, but you want the replies you send for Fordis email to actually show Fordis address instead of Zaphodis. Although itis easy to do, Apple didnit make it easy to find out how to add the extra addresses in Mail. Hereis how:

  • Launch Mail. Itis usually in your Dock, but it is also hiding in your Applications folder.
  • Choose Mail > Preferences.
  • Click the Accounts button.

  • Select the account that you want to add extra reply-to addresses to.
  • Select the email account you want to add the extra reply-to address to. In this case, Iill choose Zaphod.
  • Click the Account Information tab.
  • Add the extra reply-to email addresses to the Email Address field. Separate each one with a comma.

  • Donit forget the comma between each email address.
  • Close the Preferences window. Be sure to click the Save button when asked.

Any time someone sends an email to the forwarded address, Mail will automatically set the correct reply-to address for you. If you are creating a new email and want it to appear as if it came from the forwarded account, just choose the appropriate reply-to address from the Account pop-up menu. The Account pop-up menu sits just below the Subject field in the New Message window.

Each email address appears in the Account pop-up menu...

...just choose the one you want.

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