V Phone Adds VoIP, SIP to iPhone

| Product News

Matrix Knowledge announced the immediate availability of V Phone on Wednesday. V Phone is a Voice Over IP and SMS over IP client application for the iPhone.

The application supports all SIP-based VoIP service providers, supports incoming calls with sip to sip or DID, integrates with the Address Book app, includes call and SMS history logs, and more.

V Phone is priced at US$0.99 and is available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Dean Lewis

Any idea if this would work on the iPod Touch. Both my phone and G3 iPod are going wonky, and I’m considering VOIP since I really don’t use the phone that much anyway. I don’t mind jumping through some hoops, but this looks like a pretty complete solution?


why doesnt a PR story have a link to the product or to the appstore?

lame copy editor?

or lame styleguide by the wenmaster?

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