Valleywag: Steve Jobs May Speak at D Conference

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Steve Jobs might be speaking at this year’s D Conference, according to Silicon Valley gossip magazine Valleywag. Conference organizer Kara Swisher of AllThingsD confirmed that Mr. Jobs has been invited to appear, but did not confirm whether he had accepted.

Mr. Jobs last spoke at D in 2007, when he appeared alongside Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. In 2005 he talked about iTunes and asked Bill Gates if he had an iPod. In 2003, Mr. Jobs used the event to categorically declare that Apple had no plans to make a cell phone or tablet device.

At that event, he said, “There are no plans to make a tablet. It turns out people want keyboards. We look at the tablet and we think it’s going to fail.”

Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and its entry into the tablet market, the iPad, April 3rd of this year.

D is a top-shelf level conference that attracts many of the tech industry’s top executives who speak on a variety of issues. Tickets to the event are US$4,500, or a little less than the going rate for an iPhone 4G prototype.

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Dean Lewis

Steve Jobs at D: “Haha! I can’t believe I’m back up here talking to all of you. What a bunch of rubes. I said no phone, and we put one out anyway. I said no tablet, and we put out our own special kind anyway. Well, in the grand tradition I’ve started here at D, I’d like to announce categorically that Apple is not working on a direct brain-to-computer interface so a computer knows what you want and how and just does it. And we definitely are never going to introduce a holographic immersive environment. Ever. Really.”


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@Dean: Didn’t Google say they were NOT making a phone just TWO MONTHS before they releasee theirs? Four years (from when Jobs said no phone to the iPhone) is an epoch in tech. Two months? That’s a lie.

Dean Lewis

Any tech company, except maybe Microsoft and others that deal in vaporware, is going to claim up until they release something that they aren’t doing it. Apple and Jobs mentioned a lot more than just four years before that a phone or tablet wasn’t coming. (I’d make the argument the iPad isn’t a tablet as we’ve known it, though.)

I’ve never had a problem with Apple or Google or anyone really saying they aren’t working on something. I’d much rather have that than being told something is in the works and it either never shows or it appears with way less than what was promised.

I’m just taking a stab at what Jobs might not promise this time that will come around in a few years. smile Oh, I forgot to give kudos to Bryan on the D tickets being “a little less than the going rate for an iPhone 4G prototype.” Good for a long long laugh. smile

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