Verbatim, Imation, SanDisk Debut New Storage Products

Verbatim, Imation, and SanDisk on Tuesday announced a new ExpressCard SSD, new external hard drives, and a line of one-button backup USB flash drives, respectively. Verbatim is in attendance at this week's Macworld Expo, while SanDisk is exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off in Las Vegas on Thursday, and Imation is at the 2009 Storage Visions Conference happening in Las Vegas on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Verbatim's solid-state ExpressCard features a PCI Express interface, for read speeds up to 125MB per second and write speeds up to 30MB per second, and comes with NTI Shadow IV backup software, which runs on Mac or Windows. The company expects to ship the new product in late February in 16GB (US$99.99), 32GB ($149.99) and 64GB ($299.99) capacities.

Imation's new products expand its line of Apollo external hard drives with a 2.5-inch model, Apollo Expert UX, for laptop users and a 3.5-inch model, Apollo Pro UX, for desktop users. The former is available in capacities up to 500GB while the latter tops out at 1.5TB; prices start at $109.98 and $119.99, respectively. Both drives include stands for vertical or horizontal orientation and feature sleep mode and one-touch backup buttons. The new products are available this month, except the Apollo Pro UX 1.5TB, which will ship later this quarter.

Imation Apollo

One-touch button backup is also a key feature in SanDisk's Ultra Backup USB flash drives, which feature capacities between 8GB and 64GB, with a price range of $39.99 to $199.99. The company has also released redesigned versions of its Cruzer USB flash drives, with capacities of 4GB ($24.99) to 32GB ($99.99).

SanDisk's Ultra Backup