Verizon Hands Out Star Wars Styled Google Cardboard

There is, to put it mildly, a LOT of attention being paid to the impending Star Wars Episode 7, and it isn't even out for another 16 days. While we have reached critical mass with things like Star Wars soup, There's a promotion kicking off today that looks pretty fantastic: as of today, (only) Verizon customers can go to Verizon stores and get a Star Wars-themed Google Cardboard viewer to turn smartphones into VR viewers for this new project "Jakku Spy," which is an episodic series developed in parallel with the new film.

There are four varieties of viewers, and they are only available at certain locations. Verizon can help you find them.

Here are your options. Aren't they nifty?

This new story from ILMxLAB is the story of you, a Resistance agent on the planet Jakku, receiving communications which set you on a path to get a peek at the universe of Episode 7. This was made possible by collaborating with the Episode 7 production team, gaining access to some of the most desired information in the galaxy and building these immersive adventures around them.

If you haven't already downloaded and installed the Official Star Wars app, pick that up once you have a viewer. Then check the main screen, where you will see Jakku Spy as one of the options available in-app.

While they may not have BB-8 on it, if you are still interested in getting to play along, you can find a variety of other Google Cardboard viewers that may be available locally (to you), or failing that, you can always build your own using the instructions on that page.

NOTE: I asked a Verizon customer to score me one of these viewers, and at least at one store, there wasn't much of a choice, they handed my contact a Stormtrooper one and that was that.