Verizon Turns on Wi-Fi Calling, but not for iPhone

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Verizon is finally enabling Wi-Fi calling support, but iPhone owners don't get to celebrate yet. The carrier is turning on the feature for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users only, and is promising support for other smartphones—including the iPhone—in the next few months.

Wi-Fi calling comes to Verizon, but not for iPhoneWi-Fi calling comes to Verizon, but not for iPhone

Wi-Fi calling lets smartphone owners use Internet broadband over wireless network connections for phone calls when regular cell signals are too weak. T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T already support the feature, leaving Verizon as the last of the big U.S. carriers to get on board.

Apparently giving customers Wi-Fi calling isn't as simple as flipping a switch for Verizon considering the company's slow and staggered rollout. The carrier said,

Wi-Fi Calling will initially be available on the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge and will be rolled out as a software update in phases. Additional Android and iOS devices will receive Wi-Fi Calling capabilities via future software updates expected early next year.

Verizon's Galaxy 6S and 6S Edge customers should be able to start using Wi-Fi calling on December 8th. Everyone else, including iPhone owners, will have to wait until the carrier decides it's their turn.

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It's great that Verizon is finally getting on board with Wi-Fi calling support. Making iPhone owners wait for potentially a few months, however, is a big bucket of suck.

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I’m interested to see what iPhones Verizon supports for WiFi calling.
Sprint allows 5c and 5s.
AT&T restricts wifi calling to iPhone 6 and up. I have AT&T and have to resort to Facetime Audio when I visit my in-laws, where AT&T does not reach.
This carrier limitation reminds me of.. lets say.. 8 years ago when carriers made all the rules.

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