Verizon: 9-12MM iPhones With Unlimited Data Plans?

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As speculation builds around an expected iPhone announcement by Verizon on Tuesday, analysts are weighing in with data points, and The Wall Street Journal has pinned them to a range of 9-12 million iPhones sold this year. The newspaper has also cited “a person familiar with the matter” who says the cell carrier will help attract iPhone customers with unlimited data plans, which AT&T no longer offers to new customers, thanks to its well-documented struggles with accommodating heavy data usage on its network.

Apple sold 11.1 million iPhones during the first three quarters of 2010, and the WSJ cited a Piper Jaffray & Co. estimate of 14.5 million sold for the full year. Piper analyst Gene Munster said “there’s so much pent-up demand” that he sees a Verizon iPhone increasing Apple’s revenue by 5%, with that impact potentially doubling if many of those customers are new to the device, as opposed to AT&T defectors.

Mr. Munster was on the low end of the sales expectations range, pegging the Verizon iPhone at 9 million units during 2011. On the other end was Gleacher & Co. analyst Brian Marshall, who is eyeing 12 million Verizon iPhones sold. He said: “There’s probably around 17 million subscribers on AT&T that use the iPhone cumulatively — I think over time Verizon could be even bigger than that.”

Of course, the wild card in the sales estimates is how many iPhone users drop AT&T for Verizon. Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin thinks the initial wave of sales will be Verizon upgrades as well as Sprint and T-Mobile customers who were leery of AT&T. Mr. Golvin pointed to AT&T’s push to upgrade customers to the iPhone 4 last year, noting that it locked enough of them into new two-year deals that “the percentage [of sales] that will come from AT&T escapees is going to be relatively small.”

Meanwhile, the cellular network wars will continue, and the WSJ pointed to quotes from Verizon executives who are obviously prepared to step up the heat on AT&T. For example, CEO Ivan G. Seidenberg said last November: “Whether they are iPhones or Droids, they are smartphones. Regardless of the mix, we are prepared to carry more data.”

An AT&T spokesman noted that customers on its network can, for example, browse the Web while talking on the phone, saying: “We think customers will prefer AT&T’s faster speeds and better functionality.”


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If Verizon does sell iPhones we’re going to find out if all those people buying Verizon Android phones actually wanted an Android phone or wanted Verizon and that’s all they could get. Should be interesting.


Of course, that will take time, as a lot of Verizon Android users are locked into 2 year agreements.  But, early adopters of the initial Motorola Droid may be looking to upgrade soon, so long as they haven’t jumped onto a new one recently.

My brother got tired of waiting and got a Samsung Fascinate in October.  He is not thrilled with it or the Droid apps, and will be more disappointed if Verizon releases the iPhone now.


Please ignore the stupid troll above.


There’s a lot of fervor to this notion that Verizon will have the iPhone tomorrow. And while I feel given the various media outlets that got the invite are geared towards Apple coverage, and that Gizmodo was snubbed, that it is more than likely to happen. I can’t help but stick with my initial assertion that there will not be a Verizon iPhone this year. I believe what you will all see is the second version of the iPad with CDMA radio on board.


“No matter what network the iPhone is on it is going to suck…”

When a troll-posting like this one is so obviously just exploiting TMO’s Observer Comments merely to solicit hits to his/her listed website, can’t TMO just omit that posting or else post it with a caveat denouncing it as a trolling whose URL has therefore been XXXXX’d-out by TMO editors?


You can sell your iPhone 4 for a lot more than it costs for the cancellation fee…  And still have bucks to cover the cost of Verizon’s iPhone….  I can’t wait to dump AT&T!

Lee Dronick

When a troll-posting like this one is so obviously just exploiting TMO?s Observer Comments merely to solicit hits to his/her listed website

When we see an appropriate post several of us should click on the gear icon to the far right of the poster’s name. Select “report as inappropriate.”


Verizon announced iPhone 4 using CDMA only. Tim Cook came out to join the announcement in New York.

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