Verizon Activates 3.6M iPhones in Q2

VerizonVerizon Wireless, the second company to offer Apple’s iPhone 4 in the U.S., activated 3.6 million of the combination iPod and smartphone during its second fiscal quarter for 2011. This marked the company’s first full quarter of iPhone sales, but only a relatively small increase in the total number of activations.

Compared to Verizon’s 2.3 million first fiscal quarter iPhone 4 activations, the numbers are on the rise with just over 100,000 more activations this quarter.

While new to Verizon’s network, the iPhone 4 has been available for over a year and many analysts are expecting Apple will release a new model come September. Apple has historically updated the iPhone around the end of June, although this year the company didn’t follow its annual upgrade cycle.

There isn’t any official word yet from Apple on when to expect the next iPhone upgrade. The idea that Apple may be releasing a new model soon, however, may have kept Verizon’s small quarterly iPhone 4 activation increase from being larger.