Verizon Announces Media Event, Leak Says “iPhone”

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Verizon has announced a media event for Tuesday, January 11th in New York City. Speculation has been rampant that the event will be used to announce the iPhone coming to the U.S.’s largest carrier, and now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a confidential source has confirmed this to be the case.

The Journal didn’t specify who the source is or how the source knows, but the story has all the hallmarks we’ve long associated with controlled leaks, a favorite tactic believed to be employed by Apple.

The invitation (below) has been sent to members of the Mac press, including staff at The Mac Observer and our friend Jim Dalrymple of Loop Insight. This lends credence to the idea that the event will be iPhone-related, as opposed to, say, some new Android gadget or another.

Verizon’s invitation does not mention Apple or the iPhone, and the event is being presented by Lowell McAdam, president and COO of Verizon Communications Inc. In addition, the event is being held at Rockefeller Center in New York — if it is an iPhone for Verizon, these things combine to suggest that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not be on hand for the announcement, a rare occurrence for an Apple product announcement.

Verizon Invitation

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Lee Dronick

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe an iPhone, maybe they are just hyping an Android or Windows device. Time will tell.



Verizon just announced its 4G network and a number of Android devices yesterday at CES. So I doubt either 4G or Android is in the works for the 11th. My bet is on iPhone. Long shot: Steve makes a surprise appearance.

Lee Dronick

My bet is on iPhone. Long shot: Steve makes a surprise appearance.

It better be the iPhone or we will be cleaning up millions of asploded heads.


Anyone noticed a Gulfstream taking off from the Bay Area?  Maybe on Sunday.


“This invitation ??should not be posted or shared.”

I wonder how many bogus RSVP’s they’ll get from this posting?

Lee Dronick

Interesting timing for this announcement, right during CES.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Just for sh*ts and g*ggles, I wonder what the general reaction would be if they announced immediate availability of an LTE iPad and that the next version of iPhone will support LTE and be available on Verizon. Or what if they announced that starting in February, MacBooks would come with an LTE modem pre-installed?


All good possibilities Bosco.  People keep forgetting that iPhone exclusivity supposedly goes into 2012.  But then I would think that would be small enough news that it would have been announced at CES.  Media event like this really points to iPhone 3G, possibly iPhone LTE either in Feb or probably more like this summer.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it is an iPhone LTE announcement.  Does an LTE iPhone get around the AT&T exclusivity since AT&T has no LTE network yet?  We shall see in a matter of days.

My prediction:  iPhone LTE/3G (in WHITE finally), and iPad LTE/3G, both in 2 different sizes to compete with Android.  OK, now I’m just getting silly!!

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