Verizon Drops “New Every Two” Program

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Verizon’s “New Every Two” program that gives its customers discounts on new mobile phones came to an end over the weekend. The deal gave current subscribers up to a US$100 towards the purchase of a new mobile phone when they renewed their contract.

Customers that are due for a New Every Two credit can still take advantage of the deal one last time, but once they renew their contract the won’t get the opportunity to do so in the future.

Verizon customers will apparently be able to use their New Every Two credit towards the purchase of an iPhone 4, which means at least some people will be able to pick up a brand new unit for only $99. Customers that sign a new Verizon contract after January 16 aren’t eligible for the New Every Two program.

The policy change follows the news that Verizon will start carrying the iPhone 4 at the beginning of February. The company hasn’t said, however, that dropping New Every Two was done because of the iPhone.

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Rob Anderson



A bit off topic but I thought it would be fun to mention: I was just asked by Verizon to fill out a survey because I just dropped them, and in several of the questions the iPhone was listed as a specific choice for reasons i left Verizon. No other specific device was mentioned in the survey. In typical Verizon fashion, the “Leave a comment” field had a character limit that didn’t let me properly explain to them why I left and why they suck.

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