Verizon: FiOS TV Coming to the Mac and iPad

Verizon FiOS subscribers will finally be able to view shows on their Mac and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad some time in early 2011. The company plans to offer Mac OS X and iOS support as part of its recently announced Flex View service, according to Beet.TV.

The Flex View service lets users download videos to Windows-based PCs, the HTC HD2, Motorola’s Droid 2 and Droid X, and the Blackberry Storm2. The company hasn’t said exactly when Mac and iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can expect to get in on the action.

Verizon’s announcement is good news for Mac and iOS device owners interested in using the Flex View service. The company isn’t, however, first to the game since Dish TV has already announced support for the iPad.

Along with its pending Apple support, Verizon is also looking to add more options to its FiOS fiber optic communication service for home users. Currently, customers get broadband Internet along with phone and television service, and the company plans to give users more package options in the coming months.

Part of Verizon’s plan includes letting users that subscribe to packages with fewer TV channels and higher data bandwidth, according to Reuters. Right now, customers must sign up for more channels if they want faster Internet access.

Bob Munge, Verizon’s FiOS top executive, added that along with its new service bundles and Apple support, the company plans to start offering live TV broadcasts to tablet devices such as the iPad, too. He warned, however, that live streaming probably wouldn’t happen before the middle of 2011 since broadcasters still have to work out licensing deals.