Verizon Introduces Shared Data Plans for Smartphones, Tablets

Verizon plans to start offering shared family data plans for its smartphone customers beginning on June 28 as part of its new Share Everything plan. The plan includes unlimited talk time and text messages with varying prices depending on the amount of shared data customers want.

The Share Everything plan allows for up to ten devices, including smart phones, feature phones and tablets, with a per-device fee. Smartphones are the moste expensive at US$40 a month, with tablets the cheapest at $10 a month. Data plans start at $50 a month for 1GB, and top out at $100 a month for 10GB of shared data.

Verizon to offer shared data plans later this monthVerizon to offer shared data plans later this month

Verizon is giving existing subscribers some incentive to move to the Share Everything plan by waiving any fees and dropping requirements to extend contracts when switching to the new plan. The cell service provider also has a webpage where customers can check to see which data plan will work best for them based on the number of devices they have and how much data they expect to use each month.

The Share Everything plan looks like it may be a good deal for families that have several smartphones, and with Verizon on board with family data plans there’s a good chance that AT&T isn’t far behind.