Verizon Introduces Shared Data Plans for Smartphones, Tablets

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Verizon plans to start offering shared family data plans for its smartphone customers beginning on June 28 as part of its new Share Everything plan. The plan includes unlimited talk time and text messages with varying prices depending on the amount of shared data customers want.

The Share Everything plan allows for up to ten devices, including smart phones, feature phones and tablets, with a per-device fee. Smartphones are the moste expensive at US$40 a month, with tablets the cheapest at $10 a month. Data plans start at $50 a month for 1GB, and top out at $100 a month for 10GB of shared data.

Verizon to offer shared data plans later this monthVerizon to offer shared data plans later this month

Verizon is giving existing subscribers some incentive to move to the Share Everything plan by waiving any fees and dropping requirements to extend contracts when switching to the new plan. The cell service provider also has a webpage where customers can check to see which data plan will work best for them based on the number of devices they have and how much data they expect to use each month.

The Share Everything plan looks like it may be a good deal for families that have several smartphones, and with Verizon on board with family data plans there’s a good chance that AT&T isn’t far behind.

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Nuts to this. I’m a light user and this would be a lot more expensive than the one I have. Even that’s more expensive than it should be.

I was considering VZ since my existing contract is almost up, and I have their FiOS at home. But this is insanity.


Time to leave Verizon. Just did the math and if my wife and I keept the Same everything out bill will increase about 30%.


So for my very typical family (two iPhones, one dumb phone, no other devices) it would be $180 per month according to their calculator, which is about $50 MORE than I pay at present.  And for the extra money, we would go from unlimited data to a 2GB limit on data.  Hmm. 

If I added an iPad to that under the new plan, they say it would be $200.  Whereas on my current plan, I could add an iPad for $30, bringing me to $150.

I don’t know who this plan is for, but it sure ain’t me. 

VZW….can’t live with them, can’t live without them.  Or maybe I can.


I came up with $10 cheaper for my scenario. Are you including mobile hotspot in your estimates? It is a separate charge on the old plans, included on the new ones. I don’t use it but added the charge to my existing plan to make it a level feature comparison.


F… Verizon they will always find a way to screw the customer everything is for the shareholder how about the customer?  Well I hope everyone goes to sprint they have a everything plan might not have as good as Verizon service but if everyone goes they will be. I worked for this company and they laid us off to save 30 million dollars then what they. Saved they gave to the executives for a bonus they don’t care about u just money. Go to sprint I am.  f… Verizon!!!!!!!

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