Verizon iPhone 4 Delivered Early

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The first of the Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders apparently made it into a customer’s hands over the weekend, several days ahead of the official February 10 launch date. An Indiana man managed to pick up his iPhone 4 early from a UPS center on Saturday and captured the event on video.

The video shows the gentleman leaving a UPS facility with a shipping box in hand, opening the package and pulling out a boxed iPhone 4.

Verizon and Apple opened iPhone 4 pre-orders to existing Verizon customers at 3AM eastern time on February 3, and stopped taking orders before the end of the day. Verizon later said it broke all of its previous launch day sales in the first two hours of iPhone 4 pre-sales.

Other pre-order customers are saying their iPhone 4 tracking numbers are showing a Monday, February 7 delivery date. Verizon, however, is saying all pre-orders will be delivered on the 10th.

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Lee Dronick

“Focus right in the label”

We need to get CSI to clean that up. smile

Ernest B

Just received mine today at 10:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pretty!




I’m sure I spot a tear of joy in the eye of the beholder.
Where’s Bosco. Business must be busy today.


Mine came in at 10am yesterday morning. Love it.

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