Verizon iPhone Rumor Just Won’t Die

Rumors that Apple is building a special version of the iPhone for Verizon’s wireless network just keep coming, and the latest batch claim that this time a deal really is in the works for a January 2011 launch.

For this rumor, Bloomberg cites “two people familiar with the plans” who remained anonymous because an official announcement hasn’t been made yet. As always, Apple and Verizon chose not to comment on the rumor.

Assuming that there really is a deal this time, launching a Verizon-compatible version of the iPhone would give Apple access to a network that includes about 92.8 million customers. It would also mean the end of Apple’s exclusive iPhone deal with AT&T.

Despite the hopes and dreams of cell phone users looking for any option other than AT&T, there isn’t any tangible proof that this rumor is any more legit than the long list of Verizon deal rumors that came before it. Unless Apple and Verizon release an official announcement, chalk this up as just another unsubstantiated rumor.