Verizon Jabs at AT&T with iPhone Ad

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Verizon is airing a new iPhone 4 commercial that touts the features of Apple’s popular combination iPod and smartphone that wraps up with a not so subtle jab at the quality of AT&T’s cell network.

The ad calls the iPhone 4 beautiful, intelligent and genius, the asks “But does your network work?” With Verizon’s “Can you hear me now” spokesman replying “Yes, I can hear you, now,” as he speaks into an iPhone the implication is that AT&T’s wireless network drops calls and Verizon’s doesn’t.

iPhone 4 pre-sales lasted for only a few hours on Thursday before Apple and Verizon shut down the program after selling through the available inventory. Verizon said it pre-sold more iPhones in two hours than it has ever sold for any product in a full launch day.

The iPhone 4 will be available on Verizon’s network starting February 10.

Verizon’s latest iPhone 4 commercial is available on the company’s YouTube channel.


Lee Dronick

“With Verizon?s ?Can you hear me now? spokesman replying”

Not when you are using the data network.


Yes it is a jab at AT&T, but there is subtle suggestion of AT&T is the Incoming call number area code is (214) which Dallas, TX HQ of AT&T, FYI.


That the Droid couldn’t even slow the advance, much less halt the advance, of the iPhone in the market has resulted in Verizon consigning the Droid to the scrap heap and putting all of its marketing muscle behind the iPhone and, after that, most likely fully behind a CDMA-based iPad 2.


I guess this is news because it’s Verizon making fun of AT&T’s nework issues instead of Sprint or T-Mobile.  And rightfully so, AT&T’s service in my area has tanked over the last couple of months for both calls and texting.


I called the number and it took me to a Deltacomm recording.


When on a call I am also constantly surfing the web, NOT!

Lee Dronick

When on a call I am also constantly surfing the web, NOT!

I too am not constantly surfing the web during a cell call, but there is more to it than that and I find simultaneous use of data and voice to be very useful. Email, Maps


My service with at&t has improved significantly over the past 2 years.  I used to have very iffy service at home and now it always works—well, unless I have a death grip on my phone. tongue laugh

Lee Dronick

My service with at&t has improved significantly over the past 2 years.? I used to have very iffy service at home and now it always works?well, unless I have a death grip on my pho

Same here in San Diego. It wasn’t too bad when I first got my iPhone and it has gotten much better.

AT&T could improve their system to where it is the best in the Country and the pundits would never tire of retreading the same tired jokes about dropped calls.



My first cell phone was on T-Mobile, and network coverage in my area was so bad it was nearly useless. Switched to an LG flip-phone on Verizon, and it worked great, but did drop calls from time to time (and always dropped calls in my kitchen). Switched to the iPhone 3G on AT&T, and am now on an iPhone 4 on AT&T. To date, on the iPhone and AT&T, I have only had one dropped call, and have never had a problem with texting or with 3G data (and I text and use data a lot). It really all depends on where you are.

Ross Edwards

?With Verizon?s ?Can you hear me now? spokesman replying?
Not when you are using the data network.

Oh, give over, already.  Obviously a huge cohort of VZ users don’t care about simultaneous voice and data, or they wouldn’t have bought every VZ iPhone available so fast that you’d think the antidote was in there. 

The hardcorest of the hardcore may not realize it, in fact, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that a huge majority of wireless users don’t care about that function and wouldn’t have used it even if it was there.  It’s like telling people that the VZ iPhone facebook app will suck because it doesn’t have Farmville on it.  The fanbase will wail and gnash teeth at the outrage, but the multitudes of non-players won’t give a lick.

Lee Dronick

Oh, give over, already.?

No I am not going to do that. The facts remain that the AT&T network is not bad, but the iPhone on Verizon is not yet as capable.

Time will tell how single tasking is received, the Verizon iPhones are just reaching the street.

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