Verizon: No iPhone Plans for Now

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Despite rumors and speculation, Apple’s iPhone isn’t heading to the Verizon network any time soon. Verizon spokesperson John Johnson confirmed the cell service provider won’t be offering support for any mobile devices from Apple, including the iPhone and iPad, in the “immediate future,” according to BeetTV.

Mr. Johnson went on to say that Verizon will be launching its 4G wireless network in 25 to 30 U.S. markets in 2010, with a complete nation-wide rollout over the next couple of years. The first products Verizon plans to offer for the faster network once it’s in place include wireless modems, although Mr. Johnson said he wouldn’t be surprised to see 4G-capable handsets showing up fairly quickly, too.

The news that the iPhone and iPad won’t be available on Verizon’s network will be a disappointment for consumers hoping to have an alternative to AT&T’s exclusive iPhone deal any time soon.




This is bad news indeed :-( It could very well be Apple losing the mobile OS platform war to Google/Android right there.

Apple NEEDS to get the iPhone and iPad on other US carriers to expand its marketshare in the months and years to come. They can’t grow it substantially as long as they are limited to AT&T’s network.


Man this is going to ruin a few people’s day today.

Of course, if his idea of immediate future only means the next 60 days, all’s good.


No one should be surprised that Verizon is still unwilling to meet Apple’s un-negotiable demand for total control of the iPhone’s UI and app marketing.  No economic force is capable of making Apple budge an inch on that fundamental principle beneath every aspect of all Apple’s financial and technological masteries.  Can’t happen.

I repeat; any CDMA iPhones being currently readied for release could only be for Sprint in the US.  And that would be a game-changing coup for both companies, in several ways.


@BurmaYank, nothing personal but you are not involved in the negotiations so you have no idea how much Apple may or may not be willing to budge.  Apple may have come a long way but Verizon may be unwilling to budge from their side.  Verizon has their own issues from a control perspective.


I so very much hope this means that iPhone is going to Sprint because I’ve got cash in hand if that’s the deal. If, however, it’s not going to show up anywhere else but AT&T I regret to say: hello android.


Listen, it would make absolutely no business sense for verizon to say that “the iPhone is coming to verizon in September”, even if that was true. You don’t preannounce products that will depress your sales of everything else short term.

Hence, what they are saying is the normal correct thing for them to say. Absolutely no news here.


People forget, or most likely don’t know that Verizon’s data network is primitive at best. They are working hard to get up to the level of ATT, but it will still be 2 more years before Verizon will be able to even use the iPhone without complaint.

So this news is just confirming what we already knew.


@BurmaYank, nothing personal but you are not involved in the negotiations so you have no idea how much Apple may or may not be willing to budge.?

On the contrary.  Everyone who listens to what Apple’s CEO (since 1998, and before he left there in the 80’s) says and watches what he chooses to do with his product lines can clearly see that he would rather sacrifice anything/everything than to allow another company to have any control of an Apple product’s UI (as Verizon is accustomed to always having) or of any other part of a “whole Apple widget”.  That principle has always been the secret of all Apple’s financial and technological triumphs while he was at the helm, and so one need not be involved in the negotiations to know that Apple will never be willing to budge on that. 

Unless Verizon blinks on this standoff, it’s obvious to anyone who knows the first thing about Apple, there will never be a Verizon iPhone. And it’s also abundantly obvious that Jobs would be quite satisfied with paying that price.

Sprint, on the other hand could be resuscitated by an iPhone.  Sprint’s excellent, but very limited coverage areas (i.e, strong signal only large cities and major superhighways, but almost never any rural areas, and almost as rarely in suburban areas), means its subscribers tend to be hipper urbanites.  That’s an excellent demographic to sell iPhones in. There should thus be a massive migration from Verizon to Sprint in the cities, and also a significant one from ATT to Sprint in those cities where ATT’s signal is overwhelmed.

This would open Apple’s door to selling CDMA iPhones everywhere.

And this resuscitation of Sprint by iPhone should also strengthen Apple’s bargaining hand with ATT, T-Mobile and eventually even Verizon.


I really really love my iPhone….  I’m an Apple guy and have been from day one. (1984)

I just can’t take AT&T service much longer.  There are many others in my area (Dover, DE) that feel the same way.

The service has gone from bad to worse here.  More dead spots & more dropped calls.  It’s gone from annoying to a deal breaker.  Without improvement or a deal with Verizon, I’m going to be forced to try another smart phone that Verizon is offering.


I just can?t take AT&T service much longer.? There are many others in my area (Dover, DE) that feel the same way.

The service has gone from bad to worse here.? More dead spots & more dropped calls.? It?s gone from annoying to a deal breaker.? Without improvement or a deal with Verizon, I?m going to be forced to try another smart phone that Verizon is offering.

I wonder whether you’d find reassuring what Steve Jobs said Tuesday in answer a question from the audience about whether AT&T’s service for the iPhone will get better anytime soon.

also FYI:

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