Verizon: No iPhone Plans for Now


Despite rumors and speculation, Apple’s iPhone isn’t heading to the Verizon network any time soon. Verizon spokesperson John Johnson confirmed the cell service provider won’t be offering support for any mobile devices from Apple, including the iPhone and iPad, in the “immediate future,” according to BeetTV.

Mr. Johnson went on to say that Verizon will be launching its 4G wireless network in 25 to 30 U.S. markets in 2010, with a complete nation-wide rollout over the next couple of years. The first products Verizon plans to offer for the faster network once it’s in place include wireless modems, although Mr. Johnson said he wouldn’t be surprised to see 4G-capable handsets showing up fairly quickly, too.

The news that the iPhone and iPad won’t be available on Verizon’s network will be a disappointment for consumers hoping to have an alternative to AT&T’s exclusive iPhone deal any time soon.