Verizon Starts iPhone 4 Pre-orders for Current Customers

Verizon kicked of iPhone 4 pre-order sales early Thursday morning, but only for its own customers. The combination iPod and smartphone is set for a general launch on February 10.

Customers wanting to join the Verizon family can pre-order the iPhone 4 on February 9, just a day before the official release.

Verizon starts iPhone 4 pre-orders

Verizon had been locked out of the iPhone game until now because Apple didn’t make a model that was compatible with its CDMA-based network. Instead, all iPhones were compatible with the GSM technology AT&T and other carriers around the world use.

Verizon is selling the 16GB model for US$199, and the 32GB model for $299 with a new two-year contract. Customers can place their pre-orders at the Apple Web site or the Verizon Web site.