Verizon Teaming with Google for Tablet Project

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Cell service provider Verizon is working with Google to design a tablet device geared at competing with Apple’s iPad. The tablet will run on Google’s Android platform, but Verizon didn’t say who would be building the hardware.

When asked by the Wall Street Journal what collaboration plans Verizon and Google have, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said “We’re working on tablets together, for example. We’re looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience.”

Building its own tablet would be one way for Verizon to compete with Apple and AT&T for new wireless data customers. Currently, AT&T offers special 3G data plans for iPad owners, but Verizon can’t get in on the game since its network isn’t compatible with Apple’s multimedia tablet device.

Mr. McAdam didn’t say when his company expects to ship its tablet device, or how far along design has progressed.



All this reaction. Are none of these companies proactive? Where was this tablet a year ago? Six months ago? Did they, or can they, not think of anything on their own?


I don’t think that they are proactive, they might have to spend money on R&D and actually think ahead.  Instead they leave it to Apple to spend on R&D, then they try to catch up when Apple puts a new product on the market, or opens a new category of products that has great appeal to the public.  Obviously it is easier for them to just rip off the idea or copy cat & come up with a just good enough product.


They cannot beat the current incarnation of Apple playing “follow-the-leader”. When the true iPhone or iPad killer comes along, it will not look like the iPhone or the iPad. Not sure either Verizon or Google is capable or willing to engage in true innovation.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Why do you guys think the “copier” taunts matter? They obviously see some money that Apple is leaving on the table and are going after it. That’s pretty much how competition works. Apple does this innovate and then get its market share eaten thing because Apple is tone deaf outside a small niche.

WIth the iPad, however, Apple has an added first-mover advantage as potential competitors aren’t all terribly sure it’s worth copying.


I wonder if this is Google’s attempt to try and make some money off of Android. I’m curious to know how long they will continue to develop it as it fragments and they keep throwing resources at something they don’t directly make money from.
Since it’s Verizon I’m sure it will have a high contract price and screw you in some way. smile (I am a current Verizon customer so I know of what I speak).

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