Viddler Launches HTML5 Beta Program

Video hosting site Viddler is joining the growing number of companies that are jumping on the HTML5 bandwagon with its public beta program that serves Flash and HTML5 version of videos.

According to Viddler’s Robert Sandie, the company is testing a system that watches for video requests from iPhone and iPad users so it can serve content they can see.

“This beta includes an additional iPhone/iPad encode as well as a non-javascript embed code that delivers flash first, HTML5 second,” Mr. Sandie said. “As far as we know this embed code is first of its kind on a video platform.”

Adding HTML5 support means iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can now watch Viddler-hosted videos. Previously, they couldn’t watch Viddler content because the devices don’t support Adobe’s Flash platform.

Viddler’s HTML5 public beta is open to business and partner accounts.