Video of 7” Motorola Android Tablet Leaked

A video of a 7” tablet said to be an unreleased 7” Android tablet from Motorola Mobility (MMI) has been leaked to This Is My Next, and a screenshot from the video published by the site shows a “slimmer and sleeker” device than the company’s last tablet entry, the 10.1” Xoom.

Screenshot from Leaked Video of 7" Motorola Android Tablet

Video of Alleged 7” MMI Tablet
Reprinted with permission from This Is My Next/The Verge
(Click the image for a larger version)

This Is My Next’s Chris Ziegler reported that the full video shows that the device is running Android’s camera app from the Honeycomb version of the OS—Honeycomb was the first version of Android designed for tablets. It may also have micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports on the end, but Mr. Ziegler couldn’t be sure.

If you compare the device in the image above to the 10.1” Xoom in the promo image below, you can see that it is much more slim than its older cousin and it features an entirely different design approach. We should also point out that it doesn’t look like an iPad, a fact that could keep it out of the court room in relation to Apple’s design and community patents on the iPad.

10.1" Motorola Xoom

MMI’s 10.1” Xoom Android Tablet

While This Is My Next said that the MMI logo is on the device, there’s nothing necessarily indicating that Motorola Mobility intends to actually ship this product. As it is, this is merely a screenshot from a leaked video of a 7” MMI tablet that hasn’t been announced.

It’s been some time since MMI released the Xoom to a lackluster response from consumers, and it’s certainly possible that the company is near to releasing a new device to try and compete with the iPad 2.