Video: Rad iPad “Ad” Pads Mad Tablet Fad

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French Web site has published what it claims is an Apple commercial for an "iPad" tablet. The video (below) shows a device with a virtual keyboard and incorporates some of the same imagery Apple used in its invitation for the media event the company is holding January 27th.

The video has already spread far and wide, with Apple fans and pundits alike weighing in both for and against on its authenticity.



Poppy cock. The screen proortions are all wrong. The “ad” says nothing and the music is absurd. I wonder about the perice of wool over the next couple of day ... wink


The ports on the back make no sense. Why would it need ethernet, firewire 800 AND 400? The ports also contradict the thickness of the device.


I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt until they showed the screen.

Ten years of development? Ten minutes in Photoshop is more like it.

Chris Miller


The multiple ports? C’mon! Even if you were to have them, ON THE BACK? Of a tablet that when you lay it down, will be lying ON ITS BACK? Desktop Mac OS X?

And when Apple ALWAYS shows off its software in action to show what you can do with it, not just still desktop screenshots, it is not a possibility that this comes from Apple.

And the design isn’t even up to the standards of Mr. Appleple of fond memory.

This is not Cease and Desist material. Any Apple execs or intellectual property people looking at this will probably be repeating the first word of my posting themselves and rolling their eyes.


Doesn’t look anything like the “glass” pics published here last week.

John Martellaro

Plus… it has a keyboard to nowhere!  No app or visual display shows what would be typed on the virtual keyboard.  That’s very suspicious.


Proof it’s fake - look at the ethernet port as it rotates. There’s no perspective. It’s a 2D image of an Ethernet port.

Plus, I agree with everything above. If some ad exec brought this to Steve, he’d leave with his head on a plate.


Come on, there’s no serious analyzing needed here. If you think for a second that this was made by Apple, you don’t know Mac.


Mac Observer dudes: Hits ain’t everything…

Bryan Chaffin

Mac Observer dudes: Hits ain?t everything?

I saw you comment and went over the piece again looking for something that would make your implied criticism make sense.

I can’t find anything.

1.) The video was not created by us and we attributed it (and linked to it) appropriately.
2.) It’s being reported and discussed by the Mac Web, and the subject matter is of great interest to a large number of our readers.
3.) We presented it in a fashion that I think is appropriate for what it is, a video first published by a French site that claimed it was an Apple video.
4.) I wrote the funniest title (with some help from John Martellaro) I’ve seen in years.
5.) We have a track record of 11 years of publishing Mac news that I think is outstanding.

I don’t think there’s any justification for accusing us of being hit-whores.


Wow, sensitive much, MO.

Jerry Forken

I believe this to be real… Apple would totally leak it before it came out… The music’s from an L.A. band called Cola-Cola.

Bryan Chaffin

Wow, sensitive much, MO.

Hardly. kimhill made what I took to be a serious accusation/criticism, one I thought needed to be addressed.


A serious accusation? In. Three. Words.



Lighten up guys!


An objectionable, snide remark, kimhill.

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