Video Tour Offers “Magic Moments from Macworld 2011”

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Wally Cherwinski has posted a well-produced video tour of Macworld 2011 backed with a fantastic soundtrack from cellist Zoe Keating (she’s playing “Legions (War)”) for those keeping score at home.

The tour includes some shots of The Mac Observer’s managing editor Jeff Gamet, as well as various and sundry other Mac luminaries. More importantly for those who may not know what Macworld is truly like, it includes a lot of the best sights and other attractions from the show.

Magic Moments from Macworld 2011 by Wally Cherwinski



iPadCase (formerly Macworld) Expo made me sad this year.

I have a few suggestions:

1. Have separate sections for iOS stuff (iWorld), Mac stuff (Macworld), and iOS/Mac games; arrange the exhibits thematically when possible
2. Have the exhibitors focus on software and hardware, and put accessories (cases, etc.) in their own section
3. Have more sessions on the main floor
4. In the game section, include free play, tournaments, and on-stage demos
5. Have an on-line version of Macworld, where exhibitors can post information and videos of their products in advance of the show
6. Have a “user” area for user groups to exhibit, meet, and discuss things; also an area where people can try self-paced tutorials and get help when they need it.
7. Try to convince Adobe, Microsoft, etc. to come back. They bring a lot of visitors, money and energy to the show.
8. Give more space to the iOS app developers - some of the most interesting iOS stuff was crammed into a tiny area where 3-4 exhibitors had to share the same table.


Never having attended a Macworld, this is much appreciated. Nice score to boot!

Many thanks!

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