Virgin Mobile US Climbs on the iPhone 5 Train

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Virgin Mobile is joining the iPhone 5 family in the United States. The carrier will begin offering the current iPhone model to its customers starting June 28. Like other phones the carrier offers, the iPhone 5 will be offered with pre-paid plans starting at US$35 a month with unlimited texting and data.

Virgin Mobile US adding iPhone 5 on June 28iPhone buyers will pay $550 for the 16GB model, $650 for the 32GB version, and $750 for the 64GB model. The 32GB and 64GB models, however, are available only through Virgin Mobile's online store.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 about nine months ago, and is generally expected to release the next model in September -- only about thee months from now -- which means Virgin Mobile most likely won't have the iPhone 5 on its real and virtual store shelves for long before it becomes last year's model.

That said, Virgin Mobile is offering pre-paid contract options, just like AT&T, T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless, so now consumers will have yet another choice when they start iPhone shopping.

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Better late than never, and now U.S. customers looking for pre-paid iPhone options have another carrier they can check out.

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