Virgin Mobile to Offer iPhone on June 29

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Virgin Mobile announced on Thursday that it will start offering Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on its cell network starting Friday, June 29. Virgin Mobile will be the second carrier to offer a prepaid service plan in the U.S. for Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone.

Virgin Mobile joins Apple's prepaid iPhone clubVirgin Mobile joins Apple’s prepaid iPhone club

Virgin Mobile said it will let iPhone users sign up for its Beyond Talk plans with unlimited data and messaging, starting at US$30 with 300 voice minutes a month. For $40, subscribers get 1,200 voice minutes, and unlimited talk time each month for $50.

Like Cricket, Virgin Mobile has a “fair use” policy for its unlimited data plans. Virgin’s caps at 2.5GB of wireless data each month, while Cricket’s tops out at 2.3GB.

Virgin Mobile’s mobile hotspot plan costs an additional $15 a month.

Virgin will sell the iPhone without a contract for $549 for the 8GB iPhone 4, and $649 for the 16GB iPhone 4S.

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So I have to comment since I commented on the Cricket announcement that if the iPhone 4s came to virgin mobile I’d have to consider it.

And consider it I will. If I were to join AT&T cost me around $60 (no texting) a month. I don’t talk much so I would never run out of minutes.

The Virgin Mobile plan at $30 is more than what I’d need (I currently pay $20 every 3 months!,  plus $0.15 per text so this is a huge step up any way you slice it.)

So for 2 years on AT&T it’s $199 + 24*$60 = $1639

2 Years on Virgin Mobile it’s $649 + 24*$30 = $1369

$300 less but with $450 more up front.

I think I’ll stick with $80 a year and no texting and no apps. It’s a lonely life but I’m still in touch.

Call me.

For another article on iPhone TCO see This PC World Article (Ugh I know!)

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