Virginia Schools Launch iPad Study Program

Schools in Virginia have teamed up with the educational book publisher Pearson to launch an iPad-based social studies program that relies on Apple’s iPad instead of traditional textbooks. The 12-week test program will include seventh and ninth grade students in two counties, and is the first educational program of its kind.

The test program includes four iPad apps designed by Pearson just for the school’s U.S. and world history curriculum. Students will be able to use the apps to create their own customized textbooks from course materials, play interactive games designed to reinforce class lessons, and take tests.

iPads go to school in Virginia

The idea behind the US$120,000 test program is to draw in students that are more comfortable with digital content than traditional printed media. “The knowledge gained will help policy makers, educators and our private sector partners better understand the potential instructional uses of interactive digital media and wireless technology,” commented Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia I. Wright.

Pearson and the Virgina school system are working with Radford University to evaluate the results of the program. Virginia’s iPad learning program is set to launch on November 1.