Virtual Programming Plays “Guess What It Has In Its Pocketses” with New Mac Game

Mac game publisher Virtual Programming is playing a game of “Guess What Is In My Pocketses?” with gamers ahead of a new game the company intends to officially unveil “early next week.” The company sent out a screen shot from the new title, which it just recently signed, but hasn’t announced.

“We plan on revealing this title early next week, but we wanted to give your readers a chance to guess at what this is,” Brad Cook, Director of PR and Marketing (and former editor for The Mac Observer), told TMO. “It probably won’t be too hard to figure out, especially if they think back to the news that came out of GDC this year.”

The company will be announcing the title early next week, and we’ll cover the news when it hits.

Virtual Programming Screenshot
Sneak peek screenshot from soon-to-be Mac game