Virtual Programming Says PipeMania, X3, Majesty 2 on the Way

Virtual Programming has announced that the puzzle game PipeMania, the science-fiction action game X3: Terran Conflict, and the fantasy strategy game Majesty 2 are headed to the Mac in 2009. Ship dates, pricing, and system requirements were not announced, and product pages are not yet available on the publisher's web site.

PipeMania is a new version of a classic puzzle game in which players connect a pipeline from spout to drain as a liquid -- in this case, it's called Flooze -- creeps through the line. Various types of pieces, such as pumps, give them strategic options, while bombs let them eliminate misplaced pipes. Creating loops in the pipeline earns big bonus points, as does clicking the "Fast Flooze" button to increase the Flooze flow and end a level faster.

X3: Terran Conflict is the final installment in a series known as the X-Trilogy. Taking place in the year 2938, players travel the X-Universe, which has discovered the long-forgotten planet Earth. Players fly over 100 new types of spaceships, with various jobs and non-linear missions to undertake.

In Majesty 2, players rule the kingdom of Ardania, where the people are loyal but headstrong. Players undertake a 16-mission campaign in which they build their fantasy city and protect it from attack by monsters. Over 10 classes of heroes are available to protect the kingdom, but they have a will of their own and can only be controlled with monetary incentives. Players can also take on other gamers over a LAN or the Internet, with a variety of multiplayer maps to choose from.