VirusBarrier X6 Update from September 6: Broken

Intego customers who updated their VirusBarrier X6 threat filters on September 6 and also had Anti-Phishing or Web Threats activated found that their browsers and perhaps other Internet apps ground to a halt. Web pages that previously snapped into place would take 30-60 seconds to load or not load at all.

This editor, along with others, was one of the victims of that update and reported it to Intego. The problem was quickly fixed, and Jack Nahon from Intego told TMO that the latest set of threat filters will fix the issue.

Those who uninstalled X6* can now reinstall and download the VirusBarrier X6 Threat Filters dated 09/08/11. For those who did not uninstall, Mr. Nahon said, “a simple update is all that’s required, at worst a reboot if it’s not taking into account the changes.”


* The VirusBarrier X6 installer includes an uninstaller.