VIVmag Shows Off Interactive iPad Version in the Works

All-digital lifestyle magazine VIVmag is working on an interactive iPad version that it plans to introduce when Apple releases the new device next month. Demos on the New York Times’ web site showcase what VIVmag has in store, which includes video spreads and full-motion advertising. Other publications, including Wired, are planning similar efforts.

The downside is the cost: VIVmag costs US$6 per issue. Chief marketing office Jeanniey Mullen pointed out: “It is an expensive process. It takes the same amount of time to create as a print edition, but we’re creating a living product that is fully dynamic.”

The videos used in the demonstrations of the iPad-optimized magazine were shot with a camera that can capture digital clips at a resolution that rivals motion picture film. The magazine’s producers were then able to use those clips to create video spreads that move around an environment and then pause so the viewer can read the accompanying text.