VLC Hits the iPad

| Product News

iPad owners have access to a much wider selection of video formats now that the venerable VLC Media Player has come to iOS. The app supports nearly every video codec available, and in many cases can play back content from damaged files.

All supported codecs are included in the app so users don’t have to worry about downloading and installing extra plug-ins.

VLC Media Player for the iPad is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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I tried it last night and it’s disappointing so far. It can only play videos you sync to it via iTunes, not URLs or Dropbox files. And it got hung up generating video thumbnails on some videos.


Has anyone tried it from idisk? Can it be done?

Jeff Gamet

So far, VLC looks fairly limited on the iPad. Hopefully they’ll move beyond just iTunes syncing and at least add Dropbox support soon.


I’ll second the Dropbox support and would also like to see an “Open With VLC” option for videos in emails, websites, and other apps.


Besides the disappointing poor performance as mentioned above there is no video out to connect to a TV set when your traveling.

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