VLC Short on Mac Developers for Maintaining & Updating the GUI

VLCThe developers behind the open source VLC project are short on Mac OS X participants, specifically on the GUI side. Accordingly, there is a call out for developers and designers to help work on the project's new Lunettes GUI development effort, as first noted by MacNN.

"VLC for Mac is being maintained," the Lunettes wiki noted after word began to spread that VLC for Mac was endangered, or even dead. "However the old Cocoa graphical interface of VLC, is not being maintained at this time. The reason is that we are in the process of rewriting a new interface for VLC. Its codename is Lunettes."

VLC is a video player for the Mac that plays various and sundry video formats, many of which are not supported in QuickTime. The software is also used to rip DVDs for viewing on your Mac, making it an important tool for the platform.

On VLC's forums, the developers also claimed that Apple, "doesn't want us on the Mac platform and is blocking us a lot, and refuses to explain why."

If true, that makes the inclusion of quality Mac OS X developers even more important to the product's continued viability.