VMware Fusion 4 Adds Lion Support, More

Vmware announced the immediate availability of VMware Fusion 4 for the Mac on Wednesday. The new version of the tool for running Windows and other operating systems at the same time as OS X added support for Apple’s recently released OS X Lion, and supports Snow Leopard and Lion Server virtual machines.

VMware Fusion 4Vmware Fusion 4 supports OS X Lion

Version 4 added Windows support for Lion’s Launchpad and Mission Control features, as well as full screen mode. It also offers faster 3D graphics rendering on multi-core Macs, includes a migration assistant for moving a Windows installation from a PC into a virtual machine on their Mac, and the company said it also supports running OS X Lion as a virtual machine, although Apple’s licensing only supports the Server version for virtual machines.

Vmware Fusion 4 is priced at US$49.99 through the end of 2011, and will jump to $79.99 after the first of the year.