Vodafone Brings iPhone to Qatar

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Vodafone began selling the iPhone in Qatar this weekend, furthering the somewhat slow rollout of the device in the Middle East. SaudiMac reported the news, and Apple's Qatar iPhone site has been updated to show its new ability in the country of 841,000 people.

SaudiMac noted that Qatar, Egypt and Jordan were all listed as the first Arabic-speaking countries to receive the iPhone during WWDC 2008, but that it took Vodafone more than a year to begin rollout in those markets.

The devices can be purchased directly at Vodafone's Web site, where prices start at QAR2,399 (US$658.70). They'll be delivered by courier, or picked up at Aramex Shop & Ship locations in the city of Doha.



What’s “Vodaphone”?

Bryan Chaffin

That would be a ridiculous typo on my part! I have some kind of weird block from remembering the proper spelling of this particular company, and I didn’t catch it before it went out.

It’s corrected now, however, and I appreciate the note. smile


Did you notice if they selling just the 3G, or both the 3G and 3Gs?

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