wKiosk 2.0 Preview Version Now Shipping

AppMac has released a public preview version of wKiosk 2.0. wKiosk is an internet browser app designed for public kiosks. The preview version features a new HTML engine and inproved https protocol support. According to AppMac:

AppMac software announce wKiosk 2.0 PREVIEW for Mac OS X

The secure / full screen web browser for internet / intranet kiosks Whit it, you can install Mac kiosk computers with internet access.

wKiosk Browser use Netscape 7 HTML engine also named Gecko.


  • New HTMl engine
  • support of https protocol, tabview, multiples windows
  • better preferences management

You can find more information about the wKiosk 2.0 preview at the AppMac Web site. wKiosk is available for US$149.00.